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Whether you're selling apparel or heavy duty industrial equipment, we have you covered for whatever your niche market may be. We design and set up online stores based on the Volusion eCommerce platform. In addition to hundreds of built-in features, Volusion software comes equipped with tools to automate and market your unique business.

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Products and inventory control

  • Customizable, automated product input & management
  • Web-based administration area
  • Thumbnail generator and unlimited photos per product
  • Multiple product options
  • Live stock status and SmartMatch™ technology
  • Color swatch functionality
  • Real time inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Built-in sale pricing
  • Ability to hide products
  • New products feature
  • Assign products to multiple categories & sub-categories
  • End date product specification
  • Enable customers to edit pricing
  • Quantity discounting
  • Specify additional product keywords
  • Gift wrap pricing option
  • Four customizable product description fields
  • Bulk data import and export
  • Quickly edit orders from VIEW ALL screen
  • Ability to track order type
  • Batch order processing
  • Easy “Drag and Drop” category management
  • Advanced related product functionality
  • Google base integration with tracking links included *

Online store administartion

  • Powerful administrative control center
  • Full-featured customer relationship manager (CRM)
  • Full featured reporting section- henerate custom reports and graphs, also includes built-in SQL editor
  • Customizable real-time executive dashboard
  • Quickly switch sections and see only the data you need to see<
  • ROI tracking
  • View & process orders online
  • Ability to print packing slips, receipts and invoices
  • Automatic shipping confirmation emails and ability to send E-Fax confirmations
  • Ability to print gift notes
  • Integrated point of sale system (POS)
  • Inventory management
  • Low quantity alarm
  • Full vendor support
  • Generate reports and statistics for information on customers, products, affiliates and sales
  • Returned merchandise authorization system (RMA)
  • Easily enable or disable store features
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Completely integrated "instant help" and "certified training"
  • Administration "to do" list
  • * QuickEdit toolbar
  • * 301 Redirects- add and manage true 301 redirects from a single page
  • Input orders directly into your backend
  • Point system in CRM for staff performance tracking
  • CRM supports ability to log and track phone calls
  • Phone order page supports anonymous checkout
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML
  • Easily create “Free Shipping” coupons for customers
  • Google “Map It” link on order page
  • Specify maximum text length on options

Internet marketing

  • Completely search engine optimized
  • Abandoned/live cart section- view cart contacts in real-time
  • Dynamically generated static HTML page creation and product and category index
  • Google sitemap generator (/google_sitemap.asp)
  • Advanced newsletter system for higher deliverability and open rates
  • Paginated product index
  • Export feeds to third party shopping marketplaces
  • 5 Tier affiliate system
  • Affiliate management system
  • Built-in email marketing/newsletter marketing
  • Phone order system with sales rep tracking
  • Coupon generation system
  • Gift certificates
  • Quantity discounting
  • Free shipping option
  • Gift wrapping & gift notes
  • Customizable checkout fields
  • View your store's search terms

Shipping methods

  • Integrated with all major shipping companies
  • Batch order printing capabilities
  • Automatic live shipping rate lookup
  • Live package tracking
  • Unlimited shipping calculation types
  • Additional shipping weight calculation (shipping & handling)
  • Digital downloads for software product sales
  • Automatic email shipping confirmation
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Quick "estimated shipping" calculation
  • Advanced label printing - print USPS, DHL WorldWide and FedEx labels directly from your own admin
  • Fast live shipping rates
  • Live rates with Canada Post
  • Dimensional shipping support for UPS

Payment options

  • Accept credit cards, checks, PayPal and Google checkout with ease!
  • Extended Google checkout functionality
  • Tax calculation system
  • Supports PayPal payment services
  • Support for additional international PayPal currencies
  • Integrated currency conversion
  • Integrates with existing or new merchant accounts
  • Payment processing at time of sale or during order fulfillment
  • Supports recurring payments
  • Supports automated promotional pricing
  • Accurate tax calculation based on customer's location
  • Ability to specify tax-exempt customers or products
  • CVV2 (Security code) support
  • Configurable currency symbol
  • Supports Google checkout UK


  • Premium hosting
  • Integrated IP blocking security feature
  • SSL encryption
  • Multiple administrator login
  • Administration area access history
  • Microsoft SQL server 2000 database
  • Shopping cart features automatic "crash protection"
  • "Members only" website capabilities
  • Displays last four digits of credit card numbers only
  • Volusion SSL security seal- displays security seal on order page w/Volusion SSL certificate
  • Captcha-type image validation support for all form submissions

Client tools and luxury

  • One-Page checkout with guest registration
  • Post and view customer reviews
  • Customer can view recent history
  • Lists available accessories for products
  • Customer can email product information to others
  • Customer shopping cart summary
  • Gift wrapping option
  • Customer can receive “back in stock” emails
  • Wish list feature
  • Large variety of customizable navigation styles
  • Browse products by category
  • Built-in search capability
  • View related products
  • Unique checkout progress bar
  • Six ways to sort search results
  • Live search hints to easily find customers and products on phone order page
  • Customer account login – create an account or remain anonymous
  • Customer can update information within their account
  • Customer can view and modify orders
  • Customer can track packages Live
  • Customer can manage additional features


Our projects are recognized and highly appreciated, having shown creative and outstanding solutions while earning awards from:

  • California State Fair 2005,
    Outstanding Award in Graphic Arts
  • California State Fair 2005,
    First Place in Design, Animation/Video Game Production
  • Del Mar Fair 2004,
    Best of Show
    Offset Lithography.
  • 2004 Specal Award
    from Printing Industries Association of San Diego in
    Offset Lithography
  • Del Mar Fair 2003,
    Best of Show, Interactive presentation
  • Del Mar Fair 2003,
    Best of Show, Final Comprehensive
  • California State Fair 2003,
    Designer Award winner
  • Del Mar Fair 2002,
    Designer Award winner

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